Spanish Online

Spanish Online Program

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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Do these online classes count for high school credit? Will colleges accept these courses even though it is an online class?
  2. Yes, the PLATO software program is aligned with all Massachusetts State Standards and follows units and topics studied in Spanish I and Spanish II courses. Yes, colleges accept these courses for full credit.

  3. What if I took Spanish in middle school?
  4. Even if you took courses in elementary and middle school, high school requires that you begin Spanish I at the secondary level. You may only enroll in Spanish II if you have completed and received a final passing grade in Spanish I at Bay Path. If you are currently in Spanish I, or have already taken the Spanish I online course then sign up for Spanish II!

  5. What languages and levels are offered?
  6. Currently we offer Spanish I & Spanish II only for foreign language study at Bay Path.

  7. How do you access it? What technology does it require? Can I complete the course with my phone or tablet?
  8. PLATO runs through a website that requires more than a phone or a tablet to complete all parts of the lessons. Students are assigned an ID and a password approximately one week after the Contract for Students is returned. PLATO includes audio, video, and interactive tutorials. You must have speakers, Microsoft Word, and be able to run the program fully in order to participate in the program. A laptop or computer is the best resource to access PLATO. It is not compatible with iPads, tablets or cell phones.

  9. How do I receive credit?
  10. Students receive credit for their course of study on their final transcript. Summer grades are compiled in late August. Students will receive their final grade via email. You must use your Bay Path email address in order to receive information, grades, updates, etc.

  11. Who can enroll in Summer Spanish online? How do I get my log-in and password?
  12. Bay Path students entering grades 10, 11, or 12 in September of 2022 may enroll in Summer Spanish. We also run the online program during the academic year, however only 10th, 11th & 12th graders may enroll during the academic year. Incoming 9th graders must adjust to many changes, including the choosing of their vocational course of study. Thus we recommend that 9th graders do not take an additional course online in addition to their already rigorous schedule. 9th grade students may enroll during the summer after they have completed 9th grade.