Power Equipment Technology Program will close in 2019


Power Equipment Technology will close in 2019 and is no longer accepting new students.

The freshmen will learn the basics of outdoor power equipment service with the emphasis on safety and proper use of tools. They will learn and understand the safe use and introduction to power and machine tools along with safety in a shop environment. Students will be familiarized with component names and the fundamentals of a two and 4 cycle engine operation. Freshmen will disassemble and assemble both 2 and 4 cycle engines. They will learn minor troubleshooting of engines, which in turn will lead to minor tune-ups. Students will be taught the proper use and maintenance of outdoor power equipment.

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Sophomore Year

  • Rebuild Engines
  • Reading Measuring Tools
  • Valve Work
  • Design of Carburetion
  • Chainsaw Service

Junior Year

  • Basic Electrical Theory
  • Adjust Ignition Systems
  • Introduction of Power Transmissions
  • Dismantling Power Trains
  • Parts Inventory

Senior Year

  • Marine Engines
  • Marine Cooling Systems
  • Diesel Engine Tune-ups
  • Boring Cylinders
  • Rebuilding Crankshafts
  • Kyle Vigeant
  • Shop Instructor
  • All Grade Levels
  • Ext. 4399