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Opening in 1972 on top of Muggett Hill, Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School serves students from its member Worcester County communities of Auburn, Charlton, Dudley, N. Brookfield, Oxford, Paxton, Rutland, Spencer, Southbridge, and Webster. The school's programs are also available to pupils outside these areas on a tuition basis. Bay Path is located 60 miles southwest of Boston, 10 miles south of Worcester, and 40 miles east of Springfield. Bay Path has been a visible part of our community by providing services to nonprofit organizations and municipalities. We offer a diverse course selection that addresses both your academic and career goals. Explore our 21 career areas at Bay Path.
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Our Mission Statement

Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School is a multifunctional educational facility established to serve the needs of a diverse population in the Southern Worcester County Regional Vocational District. It is the mission of the school, in cooperation with the district, to provide an integrated academic and vocational technical education. Our students are being prepared with a broad range of knowledge and job skills necessary to function effectively as productive and contributing members of multicultural communities. Bay Path has 21 trade areas to choose from.

Recent News



Graduation is almost here. Check out the dates for all senior realted activities and times for the events. Plerase make sure to review arrival times as well as the start times for these important events.


SkillsUSA 2015 State Medalists

Auto Refinishing Technology
Michael Dzicek - Silver

Michelle Hull- Gold

Job Interview
Hailey Mills- Gold

Maggie Beauregard -Silver

Industrial Motor Control
William Shedd- Bronze

Screen Printing
Margaret Bent - Silver

Power Equipment Technology
Danny Roy- Bronze
Bryce Michaelson- Silver

Team Works
(M) Tanner Bibeau -Gold
(P) Bennett Cox -Gold
(E) Thayne Latino -Gold
© Devon McCrillis- Gold
Sheet Metal
Joshua Giard- Bronze
Major Appliance Technology
Nicholas Packard- Bronze

Web Design
Adam Brindley -Silver
Ryan Lagasse- Silver

Graphic Communications
Hayley Lawson - Bronze

Job Skill Demo Open
Jordan Cierpich-Gold
Trevor Caouette *Model*

Additive Manufacturing
John Trainor-Bronze
Erik Furhmann-Bronze
Career Pathways Showcase
Emily St. Germain -Gold
Catherine Paul-Gold
Zachary Gallant-Gold

Elicia Wright-Gold
Karen Eaton-Gold
Nathan Hilli-Gold
Kelsi Mitchell-Gold

Student Advisory Council Members:
Emily St. Germain
Catherine Paul
Michelle Hull

Legacy Award
Michelle Hull


Class of 2019

All incoming freshmen must have ALL medical forms, including up to date physicals in the nurse’s office by the first day of school September 1, 2015 (freshman start date).
Any questions please call the nurses office at 508-248-5971 ext 1164 or ext 1165.
Please Note the nurses office is not open during the summer break.


Sports Physicals

Sports physicals for students planning on playing fall sports will be held on June 2, 2015 in the nurse’s office.

Physicals must be up to date to even practice, there are no exceptions to this. Students need to check in with the nurses before the end of the school year to see if they will be current for fall sports. Students are required to obtain a blue clearance card from the nurses to show coaches they are compliant with this. Sports physicals are a free service. Students should sign up in the nurse’s office.
Any questions please call the nurses at X 1164 or 1165


9th Annual Golf Tournament

Bay Path will be holding its 9th annual golf tournament May 9th at 1pm at Heritage Country Club.
We are very proud of our students and teachers and their accomplishments. Your support will allow us to recognize the young men and women who have chosen Bay Path as their pathway to the future and will provide minigrants for our teachers for classroom projects. Please join us for a great day of fun with friends and colleagues for a worthy cause. Your support of Bay Path is most valued, and we hope you have a wonderful day golfing and socializing. We also wish to thank all of our sponsors, both individual and corporate. Your efforts do indeed make a difference in Career and Technical Education.
For specifics for this even, view the official flyer and download the application for entry.


2015 District Skills Competition

We would like to take the time to thank the staff and students that were involved in yesterday's District SkillsUSA conference. Being able to host a competition like this would not be possible without the cooperation of staff and students! Thank you all for that. Please congratulate ALL students that competed yesterday; regardless of whether or not a student received a medallion, all of our students represented themselves in the most professional and appropriate manner.
The attached list showcases the results of last nights competition. Gold and silver medalists will be advancing to the State conference in early May. In some cases bronze medalists will advance as well.
We have been advised that the state scopes will be available by April 1st. At that time we will forward those to each shop.
Thank you and have a great day!
Pam & Deb


5th Annual Chili Chowdown

The 5th Annual Chili Chowdown sponsored by the Bay Path Baseball Team will be held
Sunday, March 29th>
from 4-6pm
in the Bay Path Cafe
Donations of $5.00 to enjoy the time are appreciated.


Ski Club News

Ski Club will take place each Monday night for six consecutive weeks beginning January 5, 2015 with the exceptions of January 19, 2015 and Monday of February vacation (February 16, 2015). This year our ski program will conclude on the Monday after February vacation (February 23, 2015).
Ski Club Final Dates for the Season
March 2,2015
March 8, 2015 Sunday Please be at the school for 8 a.m. leaving and will return by 5 this will count as two make up dates
March 9, 2015


Bowling Club News

Congratulations to members of the A team and 2- B bowling teams that competed at the state bowling tournament this weekend in Chicopee, MA. Also competing for the individual state tournament was Ryan Lewis, and Travis Guerin. Team B-2 finished 14th, Team B-1 finished 11th, and Team A finished 7th. Travis Guerin finished 20th, and Ryan Lewis finished 5th just missing the final four by two pins. It was a great effort by all students. They represented Central MA and Bay Path well. Please congratulate them when you see them.

Team members
2588 Christopher Lugo
8537 Ryan Fahey
2581 Zachary Rizzitano
8386 Kevin Ortiz
2667 Travis Guerin
2769 Tyler Cahill
8264 Ryan Lewis

2460 Damon Simpson
2376 John Keeler
2476 David Haskins
2580 Jacob Reschke
2577 Chase Levicki
2374 Dean Champagne

8430 David Anderson
8181 Tyler Simons
2703 Michael Hicks
8166 Nicholas Reid
7894 Thomas Duda
8546 Robert Jewell
8130 Trevor Caouette


Robotics Team Results

Congratulations to the Robotics team for an outstanding job in Chicago last week. The team had some major hurdles at this years competition, however they rose above and took Bay Path to a 4th place finish.
These students are the true meaning of the word team.
As their advisor, I couldn't be any prouder of them .
Tate Ostiguy

Eric Burlingame
Stephen Healy
Michelle Hull
John Carmody
Kyle Meskus
Justin Dumont
Nathan Hilli
Jesse Gaulin
Adrianna Rocheleau
Kelly Moriarty
John Trainor

AP iPad Program

We are well into the second half of the school year. The AP students were issues iPads or tablets to complete homework and lessons both in and out of school. At this time we will need all students who were issues these devices to bring them in for a check and maintenance of the unit. This process will not take long. Please hand these devices into your teacher and we will complete maintenance within the day and you will have them back the foillowing class session.


Machine Trade

There was a recent article in Tech Directions about Bay Path's Machine Trade area. Be sure to congatulate the machine shop students and teachers for promoting our school.


2014 Abigail Adams Scholarship Recepients

Adams, Nichols Southbridge
Anderson, David Webster
Ballard, Bryan Southbridge
Battista, Sean Oxford
Beaudette, Lucas Charlton
Beauregard, Maggie Charlton
Bent, Margaret North Brookfield
Berthiaume, Kevin Oxford
Berthiaume, Nicolas Auburn
Blakeney Couture, Joshua Rutland
Burlingame, Eric Charlton
Burlingame, Shane Charlton
Burnett, Deion Southbridge
Campbell, Shannon Auburn
Cane, Troy Oxford
Caouette, Trevor Charlton
Carmody, John Oxford
Cierpich, Jordan Dudley
Cobb, Gage Dudley
Courtemanche, Ashley Webster
Cusson, Lisa Auburn
Donnelly, Michael Oxford
Dzicek, Michael Charlton
Eaton, Karen North Brookfield
Ferschke, Kirstianna Southbridge
Gentry, Kegan Southbridge
Gordon, Benjamin Oxford
Gould, Trevor Rutland
Green, Ceejay Spencer
Grillo, Jericho Dudley
Halley, Katelyn Charlton
Hallisey, Patrick Southbridge
Harding, Hailey Webster
Harmat, Craig Charlton
Healy, Stephen Charlton
Hilli, Nathan Southbridge
Horne, Amanda Webster
Hull, Michelle Charlton
Ingalls, Corey Spencer
Irish, Jonathan Charlton
Julian, Danielle Spencer
Kane-Gregoire, Tyler Spencer
Kobel, Stefanie Spencer
Lagasse, Ryan Webster
Latino, Thayne Auburn
Lewis, Ryan Charlton
Lier, Andrew Auburn
Macgray, Ethan Southbridge
Macintosh, Nathaniel Spencer
Marshall, Jacob Charlton
Marshall, Jamie Webster
Maysonet Jr., Johnny Southbridge
Mazejka, Jessica Southbridge
Mello, Ashley Dudley
Miranda, Jenna Webster
Nash, Rebecca Charlton
Nieves, Eric Oxford
Olson, Andrew Charlton
Orasz, Robert Charlton
Packard, Nicholas Charlton
Pantos JR., Michael Rutland
Pecore, Joshua Charlton
Perdomenico, Kayla Southbridge
Roberts, Jacup Southbridge
Rose, Kailey Southbridge
Ruiz, Joseph North Brookfield
Sargent, Christina Spencer
Shadis, Alexander Oxford
Shedd, William North Brookfield
Simons, Tyler Spencer
Stidsen, Adam Oxford
Sullivan, Zachary Auburn
Tetreault, Erin Charlton
Thacker, Courtney Oxford
Tremblay, Brandon Webster
Walker, Jacob Southbridge
West, Harleigh Oxford
White, Anna Spencer
Woodcock, Ashlynn Dudley


QCC College Course at Bay Path

Congratulations to all students signed up for the QCC college course offered at Bay Path. We wish you great success in your first college course! Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Cormier, Curriculum Coordinator:

Mrs. Cormier’s Contact Information:
508-248-5971 ext. 1756
The guide for the program will provide further information. The list of participants is listed here.


2014-15 Bus Route

For the current schedule, please follow this link: 2014-15 Bus Routes


Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Program

STOP & SHOP is pleased to announce the continuation of the A+ School Rewards Program during the 2013- 2014 school year and its' commitment to Bay Path and the community. If you shop at Stop and Shop please indicate that you would like to be part of this program. The Bay Path School Code is: 08937 - your participation will help support Bay Path.


Tools For Schools

For ten years, the Price Chopper Tools for Schools program has helped parents like you support Bay Path just by shopping with your AdvantEdge card. Many parents have registered their AdvantEdge cards to support their chosen school, but over time school closings, school consolidations and other changes among participating schools have invalidated school selections.

To ensure Price Chopper credit Bay Path accurately with the points you will earn on our behalf when their program relaunches July 31, they will require you to re-enroll in the program. You must re-enroll to continue to earn credit for Bay Path High school in the upcoming academic year.

You may re-enroll your card to support our school for the 2013-2014 school year. Enrolling is simple and takes just minutes. To enroll now, click here.

We want to thank all of you who have been so supportive of Tools for Schools and encourage anyone who is new to the program to join today by registering and choosing a school to support.
If you have any questions or need assistance with your Tools for Schools efforts please contact Price Chopper toll-free at (800) 352-4658, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, EST.

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